For Media Organisations

The benefit of having as wide a network as ours is that you can access more than one event at a time, across sporting codes, across the world. So, instead of hiring one person to do one job for you, you can have as many as you need, all over the world, gathering all the sports content you could desire, and you don't have to carry the entire cost.

ASCN intends to cover all sporting codes based on relevance and demand.

You can use the content you license from us on the platform (or platforms) you have stipulated when you signed up for our content store. Any use of the content outside of the stipulated platform/s for commercial gain is prohibited.

That’s a very complicated and expensive affair. Match, race or fight highlights are considered licensed content and they belong strictly to the rights owners who develop them and the rights holders who they sell rights to. Our priority is in the production and proliferation of non-licensed African sports news content as we believe that it’s the most cost effective means for low-budget FTA and digital platforms to sustain an effective, high-quality African sports narrative around which they can build a diverse output which is relevant and attractive to advertisers. However, we’re working with a number of African and European based partners to bring the possibility of recap match visuals onto our platform in the future, so watch this space. ;-)

Our content diary revolves around three principles:
A. African Sport
B. Sport involving Africans
C. Sport relevant to African audiences, which may be underrepresented.

If it ticks one of these three boxes, we’re probably doing everything in our power to cover it.

For Content Contributors

Once you’ve registered as an ASCN content contributor, you’ll be eligible to cover certain sporting events near you, which ASCN will assign according to our content diary. We then give you a time period in which to deliver the content and some guidelines on how to do it, and when everything checks out, we pay you!

All video and photo professionals with as little as a year’s experience are welcome to sign up. We will give you assignments that match your location, area of interest and skill level and bump you up as your skills mature.

For now, that depends on where you live. Content Contributors from up to 60 major economies including South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Senegal, Mali, Japan, most European and North American countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand can get paid directly into their bank accounts. While for others, PayPal or an alternative option that suits both parties must be agreed upon beforehand.

That depends on a lot of factors. Like whether you’re shooting stills or video, what equipment you’re shooting with, how long you’re shooting for, the complexity of the assignment, etc. So to give you an idea, the standard fee for a basic 3-4 hour photographic assignment in a controlled environment such as a press conference starts at USD88, while for a basic video assignment of the same nature, a CoCo (that’s what we call Content Contributors around here) could earn a minimum base fee of USD107. These can go all the way up to $2,215 for extended assignments of between 8 and 14 days.